Photobook. Process. Open studio

Book as a process. Book as a collective work. Performative exhibition / action


Nośna, Zabłocie 9a/9b, Kraków


Tuesday – Friday: 4 pm – 8 pm

Saturday – Sunday: 12 am – 4 pm


In this exhibition, we treat objects of art as a consequence and as an event. We explore the medium of a book as a work in progress submerged in group work, culture, and its own particularities. The exhibition investigates photobooks as a constantly evolving medium in relation to its potentiality. It includes drafts, dummies, sketches, and excerpts from different stages of the work that cannot be completed.


Referring directly to the activities related to the book in a political context, here also the core idea is an artistic prosumer activity, or more precisely its aspect pertaining to work with an art object, that is done by a particular group/ collective. The work created in this way is a result of the vision and ideas of all those involved in the creation process. We want to open a dialogue on the role of a photo editor in photographic publications. We want to define the route which the author- photo editor relation is going through and tension it generates through the choice of photographs, arrangement, strategy – a cycle of events related to the photographic book.


Process exhibition emphasizes a special presence and interactive lecture by Viktor Kopasz and his lifelong process of creating Diaries.


Kopasz’s works become a starting point to think about a book in terms of a multidimensional process. The process can be considered from the perspective of an artist, as a work that can be presented synchronously – from idea to implementation – or asynchronously, as a kind of spiral, which concentrically returns to the centre, and can be looked at from different positions. By disrupting the order of the beginning and the end, the book appears as a final product of the process, enters into a new cycle – that varies depending on the adapted presentation and distribution strategy.


It is a more specific kind of self-publishing, in the context of the previous examples, as it functions as a work of art on the border of the avant-garde, ready-made and niche, crafted publications. Kopasz consciously plays with the medium, its content, and formal potential.




Galeria Apteka, Józefińska 43, Kraków


Saturday –Monday: 11 am – 2 pm


Our ambition is to involve the artist in the process of creating. Therefore, for a limited time, we want to change the gallery’s window into an artist’s studio. Artist, being present, will allow the viewers to look at a photographic book as part of a broader phenomenon. The artist is working for 3 days in the window of the gallery. The temporary display changes every day. It might be a radical move or a subtle shift of meaning that we can follow alongside the process.


The presentation of the works and performative character of the exhibition by Viktor Kopasz allows placing the contemporary phenomenon of the book boom in a historical context while creating an experience of the process itself in real time.




Galeria Apteka, Józefińska 43, Kraków


Saturday – Sunday: 10 am – 4 pm


A live book-making process. The artist creates a hand-made photography artbook using traditional photography techniques with elements of improvisation (taking advantages of technical errors of wet plate photography). It’s the final step of the personal project “It All Is. And Nothing”. The audience has an opportunity to experience work in progress in the experimental stage of the process.


PROCESS Books by individual artists:

Anna Ádám
Milan Adamčak
Hynek Alt
Hynek Alt, Aleksandra Vajd
Ján Ballax
Jakub Chromiński
Krystian Daszkowski
Peter Fabo
Lukáš Hoffman, Nat Marcus
Alek Janicki
Karolina Jonderko
Ines Karčáková
Barbora Klímová
Paulina Korobkiewicz
Markéta Magidová
Barnabás Neogrády-Kiss
Lucia Nimcová
Lucia Papčová
Monika Poscoe Mikyškova
Tomáš Pospěch
Peter Puklus
Maciek Przemyk
Catarina Simão
Anna Małgorzata Stankiewicz
Marta Szymanowska
Paweł Szypulski
Martina Šárovcová aka kosmo_nauty
Ján Šipöcz
Bartłomiej Talaga
Konrad Trzeszczkowski
Imrich Veber
Karolina Zajączkowska

Books by artist groups:

Časopis X
Hurrikan Press
If I saw that in a gallery, I would say, this is art
Paper Beats Rock workshop dummies