Znaczy się, ul. Kościuszki 37, Kraków

24.05 – 14.06.19

Tuesday – Friday: 4 pm – 8 pm

Saturday – Sunday: 12 am – 4 pm


Book as a fulfilment of a dream about the narrative


The show is a part of the series that focuses on various aspects of the photobook. A carefully designed exhibition presents the most interesting samples of the photobooks from the Visegrad region, that have been made out of the need to convey, usually a personal, story. Most of the presented works are either self-published or published in small editions, including hand-made or low-cost printed zine publications.


A book, as depicted in the show, becomes the means for communicating one’s personal experience, a cultural experience and the same time becomes an instrument protecting such experience from oblivion. The leitmotiv of a narration underlines the role of the recipient as an active participant/interpreter of the work of art.


Low-cost self-publishing is here a starting point for a polemic about the nature of the medium. The dissemination using the most economic and least demanding means gives it the power of an independent statement. The questions asked by the authors are an attempt to reflect on the phenomena of this type of publications on the Central European market, their role, ways of production and presentation, as well as expectations of the recipient.


Books by:

Ewa Behrens
Eva Benkova
Stanislav Briza
Radek Brousil
Jan Brykczynski
Magda Buczek
Kateřina Držková
Peter Fabo
Lucia Gamanová
Aurélia Garová
Agnieszka Gotowała
Tomoya Imamura
Zuzana Ivašková
Tereza Kabůrková
Ines Karčáková
Joanna Margaret Kischka
Deana Kolencikova
Jan Kolský
Viktor Kopasz
Paulina Korobkiewicz
Andrea Kurjakova
Katarzyna Ewa Legendź
Tomasz Liboska
Maciej Moskwa
Boris Németh
Krzysiek Orłowski
Ivana Paleckova
Marcin Płonka
Piotr Pytel
Kaja Rejczel Rata
Anka Sielska
Jakub Stanek
Dorota Stolarska
Eva Szombat
Jiri Thyn
Ondrej Urban
Imrich Veber
Doroteya Veykon
Ján Viazanička
Lukasz Wierzbowski
Karolina Wojtas
Adrian Wykrota
Ficsór Zsolt
Kasia Zolich
KWAS (Karolina Wojtas, Agnieszka Sejud)




Peter Puklus


8069 Stack, 2016 from the series ‚The Epic Love Story of a Warrior’
Printed on banner 1500 mm x 2250 mm


8229 A stack of guns, 2016 from the series ‚The Epic Love Story of a Warrior’
Printed on banner 1500 mm x 2250 mm