MOCAK, Lipowa 4, Kraków


6 pm


Panel discussion at MOCAK with invited experts from the Visegrad group countries is orientated toward various aspects of the photobooks and self-publishing. The event has an informative and educational character, but also intends to encourage local collaboration.


The debate is focusing on the current situation of self-publishing the Eastern and Central Europe, its role and potential. Guests will discuss the phenomenon in the current socio-political context, its recent trends and how the role of self-publishing evolved in the era of the Internet.


The discussion at MOCAK Musem will be moderated by Michał Sita (Pix.House), and the speakers are Olja Triaška Stefanovič (Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava), Stanislav Briza (Bflmpsvz publishing) and Beáta Istvánkó (ISBN books+gallery, Budapest).

Entry fee: 1 PLN



Milk Studio, Miodowa 41, Kraków


1 pm – 5 pm


Series of 3 talks focusing on different aspects of the photobook and self-publishing in Visegrad Group countries will take place at Milk Studio. Subjects TBA.


The events will be held in English


1 pm

Self-publishing practices in Hungary in the post-digital era/ Beata Istvánkó


The notion of artists’ publishing activities has changed over the past decades, in particular with

the expansion of the art market and the globalization of artistic practices, combined with the advent of the digital era and the introduction of new modes of production and circulation. Print and digital projects employ experimental formats and blur distinctions between art press, curatorial

experiments, and other publishing enterprises. The aim of the presentation is to summarize the history of independent art publishing in Hungary after 2000 through the activity of the Budapest based ISBN books+gallery.

The ISBN is a contemporary art bookstore and a gallery space established in 2017. The name of the gallery was obtained from the 13-digit identification number for publication, the ISBN-number (International Standard Book Number). The most important mission of the ISBN books+gallery is to map, collect, exhibit and distribute the domestic and regional, Hungarian and foreign language, new and second-hand contemporary art publications, exhibition catalogues, zines, art books, photobooks and theoretical publications.


2.30 pm

Young scene of photobook makers in Slovakia/ Olja Triaška Stefanović


Five years ago students from the Department of Photography and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia showed great interest in making photobooks within their visual researches. Olja Triaška Stefanović, together with her colleague Juraj Blaško from Visual Communication department, realized that it is necessary to open new and interdisciplinary course, that will link two departments and prepare students to make more professional photobooks. They created and started together to teach, PHO BO – Creation of Photobook where the main part of the course is focused on teaching a wide range of technological processes together with visual dramaturgy and storytelling. The author will be focused on the presentation of youngest generations of authors from Slovakia, their production of photobook and how they can improve the self-publishing market in Slovakia. Triaška Stefanović will present their books, zines and introduce to the audience how they work within the PHO BO, what is the course methodology and how they prepare students for professional work after graduation.


4 pm

I shout „That’s Me!” Stories of Czech fanzines from the ’80s till now // Miloš Hroch & Pavel Turek // presentation of the book


The book ‘I shout “That‘s me!” Stories of Czech fanzines from the 80s till now’, published by PageFive, for the first time takes its readers through uncharted waters of the Czech fanzine scene, that is of unofficial amateur magazines. It brings to light stories of those who fell for computer games or wrote sci-fi stories, who obsessively compiled their own metal music charts, who were driven to street demonstrations by hardcore punk music or who wanted to change the standing of women in society. And about those who then wrote about it freely in their magazines. „This type of publication has the advantage that you can wave it around and shout ‚That’s me!'” – a photographer, a protagonist of the youngest fanzine trend of photozines, explains the essence of fanzines in one of the chapters of the book. And while there is the talk of the decline of printed media, the microcosm of independent printing is constantly expanding.




Nośna, Zabłocie 9a/9b, Kraków


5 pm – 6.30 pm


Interactive lecture of Viktor Kopasz and his lifelong process of creating Diaries. The audience will be limited to max. 10 people, so there is a place for discussion and other interactive elements. The artist will use a lot of physical materials prints, books, sheets of paper. Part of the Photobook. Process series.